A lot of people are asking me what is the size of Twitter’s new (well fairly new.. lol) header image? Well it’s a bit of a tricky thing because you can’t just look at the website layout. You have to look at all the mobile devices that have Twitter apps and how they display the header image and the avatar (profile photo).

On the website, the twitter header is displayed only as 520 pixels x 260 pixels. This isn’t very big… but on the iPad for example, it’s displayed much larger. That is why Twitter recommends designing your header image at more than double the size!!

The recommended Twitter Header Size is:
1252 pixels x 626 pixels.

This way, you maintain the quality of your image across all the platforms.


For the avatar, it is the same thing. On the website, your Twitter avatar is only displayed at 73 pixels x 73 pixels, but what happens when somebody clicks on your avatar to see a full size version? If you only uploaded a low quality 73 x 73, it will appear blurry and pixelated. That is why we recommend uploading a minimum size of 300 pixels x 300 pixels.

**Just remember that your avatar should be a square photo ** 


Click below to download my free Twitter Header Template Photoshop PSD file

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