In this tutorial, we’re going to use the same technique as an earlier T-shirt design tutorial but we’re going to be selecting 2 colors for our final t-shirt design.  I’ve got this really cute picture of my bernese mountain dog Loki…  And we’re going to make a T-shirt design out of it.

For this tutorial, we will require both Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator. (Any version will do but avoid using something too old… above CS2 should work fine!)



First thing we need to do to design our t-shirt is select the dog from the image and then saturate the image using the Curves adjustment. The goal is to isolate only 3 colors (the 2 colors on the subject and the background color)… In our case, we want black, rust and white. 

Once we have done that, we can cut and paste the design into Adobe Illustrator where we will apply a Trace tool in order to convert the image to vector. After a few minor adjustments in Illustrator, we can finish our design with text and here is our final t-shirt design product:



Click below to watch the T-shirt design tutorial:



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